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Lydia-May Ferrari 


I am Lydia-May of Lydia’s Willow Weaving, here is a little about me and how I found the magical world of basket making.It all started on a cold, foggy blistery day… I Joke. It was actually a glorious summers day in the deepest corner of Somerset AKA Musgrove Willows in Westonzoyland.When I started sixth form in 2011 I realised it wasn’t really for me but powered through to get my qualifications and the next summer I put myself onto every single craft workshop and course I could find and one of them was, can you guess?!The moment I started weaving I realised how utterly wonderful it was and I’ve never looked back. Fast forward 11 years to 2023 and here I am with my own weaving business.I was lucky enough to work for and with Musgrove Willows for a couple of years to refine my skill and technique.I like to use both traditional and modern techniques in all my work. I love how ancient weaving is and how I can carry that on for the younger generations.


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